Welcome to OnPointMessage

We all sometimes struggle to find that ‘just right’ word or that perfect turn of a phrase to project our precise, desired message. OnPointMessage takes the burden off you, takes your thoughts and ideas, and massages them into refined messages that gain attention and demand action.

OPM accommodates a variety of message enhancement needs including — but not limited to — professional editing, press releases, customer letters, internal documents, employee communications, ad copy, website descriptions and more.

You have also found the right place to get help planning your public relations campaign and your social media strategy. Need a critical ear for an important business decision? You’re in the right place.

Check my services page for a complete list of what OPM can do for you and your business.

An OnPointMessage is a refined message…on point.

Contact me at rick@onpointmessage.com. All good things begin with a conversation.

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